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Hexem’s biogas systems produce clean energy because biogas is made from
food waste. Our customers reduce their carbon footprint.

Hexem has developed a wastewater treatment technology which allows the recovery of energy and clean water at a much smaller footprint than current technologies. Our biogas systems use highly contaminated waste streams from the food and beverage industry. The organic contamination in industrial wastewater is our energy source. Using state-of-the-art technology, the treatment of high-strength wastewater like this is difficult and very expensive while the resources are completely wasted.

Hexem’s biogas systems are science-based and accelerate the reaction time by at least a factor of 20. This allows us to reduce the system size by the same factor. Our patented control method guarantees a stable performance, which was a major roadblock before we can introduce it into the market. We also have a patent pending on nitrogen removal, which is included in the price of our system. Nitrogen removal is usually expensive and very slow. Nitrogen in the form of ammonia also inhibits biogas production. With a Hexem System, our customers do not need to worry about it any longer. Lastly, our system runs on grid pressure, making direct injection possible – a benefit which is also included in the price.

Using Hexem’s biogas system, our customers reduce their wastewater treatment bills while producing valuable biogas. The food and beverage industry suffers immensely under the current gas prices because natural gas is deeply integrated in their production processes. Using a Hexem System, our customers benefit two-fold: they reduce their wastewater treatment cost and their energy bills. This helps to keep food prices at the current level or may even reduce them.