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Dairy wastewater




Europe is the world’s largest cheese maker with more than 9 million tons of cheese produced annually. To make one ton of cheese, approximately 9 m³ of cheese whey and 1.7 m³ of wastewater are produced. Some companies have sufficient resources to process and market their cheese whey. Despite its value, 60% of the whey remains waste. Sometimes this whey is used as fertilizer or fodder. Both prac­tices environmental or sanitary risks. Using this whey along with the wastewater helps cheese makers to reduce their water treatment and energy bills. Hexem Systems are unique in that they can treat both and produce valuable biogas.

For example, a Dutch cheese maker pays €1.5 million per year to dispose of their wastewater. Elimi­nating these costs while producing clean biogas would also render their wastewater a valuable resource of bio-methane. This cheese maker is encouraged to treat their waste on site while reducing CO2 emissions.